MBA Spécialisé: Luxury Communication and Strategies

Our mission

Our Specialized MBA is an absolute immersion in the luxury world. It helps MBA participants to master all the communication strategies and new business challenges in this market.

Our definition of a luxury business is: Passion, Expertise Tradition, and Excellence.

Our Program

Our Program covers the managerial, and operational aspects to better understand the strategic business decisions of luxury companies. It combines:

  1. Immersion: Transdisciplinary courses to master the specificities and dimensions of the luxury market.
  2. Hands-on experiences: Creative workshops, behind the scenes visits, to grasp the expertise of luxury brands.
  3. Mentoring sessions: To help participants define and implement career plans and validate their internships.

Our Academic Innovation

  • A transdisciplinary program
  • 15 Specialized courses (marketing, branding, communication, social media…)
  • 6 Real case studies (Jaeger-LeCoultre, LVMH, …)
  • A focus on internationalization challenges and digital strategies
  • A dedicated team of professors, experts, and professional speakers
  • 10 Original workshops (business etiquette, fragrance, gastronomy, …)
  • 6-month internship (in France or Internationally)
  • A booster for an international career
  • A network of more than 20 000 alumni

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