Hyppolite vs Pistache

Think “Palaces”, “5 star hotels”, and you may not right away think about child-proof or even child-friendly places… In Paris, Le Bristol or Le Meurice stood up to the challenge to prove you wrong.


“Les Amis d’Hypolyte”, a dedicated club for children at Le Bristol

Hyppolyte Jammet was the name of the founder of Le Bristol Paris’… but Hyppolyte is also now the Bristol’s famous gardening rabbit, a special emissary greeting the younger guests of the parisian Palace. In addition to the 2 cats of the hotel, this animal may be only a plushmate, but is certainly the other star for the youngest guest of the hotel. Children receive their own Hyppolyte upon their arrival so that he can remain their companion throughout their stay and accompany them while visiting Paris with their special booklet, or while indulging in a scavenger hunt throughout the hotel, or also enjoying a decadent tea time. Adjacent to Le Spa, mothers too can enjoy a nice break while children spend some fun time relaxing in their own club, a welcoming play room filled with books, toys and games… More than just a plush, “Les Amis d’Hypolyte” is a family value, a welcoming friend for family friends.


Pistache connects families with le Meurice

At first sight on the internet website, I thought Le Meurice was less welcoming to families with children, but digging helps you find treasures! The hotel also has its own mascot, Pistache, the plush dog. A passport has also been created for the children with a trail of the city’s most magical sights, and inside the hotel, a treasure hunt is organized as well. You can continue the adventure in the jardin des tuilleries where children can play with custom-made toy wooden boats to sail in the boat pond. Granted they are more than 6 years old, in Le Meurice, Mother and children can relax together at the spa. In addition there is an on-line game for the most connected children to learn about the little secrets of le Meurice with a playfull quizz.


I can’t really designate which contender is the cutest, but I can definitely say those 2 palaces won me over with their wonderful programs. I can’t wait to try them out !

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