Luxury through ages

The world changes, so does luxury, more particularly in France. Most luxury brands are losing their own roots according to French people. Now for Millennials, luxury is more about an experience than owning a luxury product.

We all have our perception of luxury. We can expect luxury to be a dream, a desire, a pleasure, an identification, an image, serenity or elegance. However, even if we were born in the country where luxury has emerged, the gap between a premium brand and a luxury one is very slight. To understand what luxury is for French people, we carried out a survey on a sample of 100 people between the age of 15 and 40. When analyzing the results, we noticed that when French people hear luxury, jewelry, fashion and cars are the first three industries that come up. According to the result’s survey, characteristics defining luxury products are the following ones: price, quality and the brand’s history.

Fashion luxury started in France thanks to Charles Frederick Worth, a Parisian designer and his first world exhibition in 1851. He was the forerunner of Haute Couture and fashion shows in Paris. This is how Paris became the fashion capital.

Aristide Boucicaut revolutionized the way of buying with self-service counters, and then Le Bon Marché was created in 1852. The Parisian myth and Les grands magasins followed its apogee. Since then, luxury has had a very important place for French people as part of French culture.

This is how luxury has become more and more present in France. On TV, in magazines, in the streets, on social media…. Luxury is accessible to anyone just like premium brands. This democratization has led to a new kind of luxury perception because of the several luxury brands that are, with time, making new accessible ranges. As premium brands and luxury codes are the same, this creates confusion for French people who have always lived in a world where luxury is all around them.

Millennials are lost in the perception of luxury since according to them, a luxury product must be expensive. This error in perception is as important as that the first luxury brands that come to their minds is Sandro, Maje, or even Guess. It sounds clear that the major French luxury names DNA, such as Chanel or Guerlain are being used by premium brands. Luxury perception of people has been changing through the decades, following the trends and the world’s evolution. Everyone has its own unique perception of luxury. It is obviously going to evolve thanks to a changing lifestyle and communication that will make the luxury of tomorrow.

By Laura TEAI, Manon LEPEU, Charlotte PORTET, Emma-Lou MARCQ

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Luxury in France, a peactime industry

Anyone who has had the privilege of crossing the threshold of a luxury boutique, a palace or a high-end car showroom, has generally had an unforgettable experience. A link is created between the customer’s dream, the promise made by the brand as well as reality. That’s what we call “luxury”.

What’s luxury? It is a timeless phenomenon, a term used in our everyday life. Historically, luxury brands were reserved for the privileged few, the rich and the elite. Nowadays, criteria such as wealth and income are insufficient to segment the luxury market. It strongly depends on the subjective experience and individual needs of the consumer. Luxury is omnipresent, but still rare. Even if the global demand for luxury is increasing, true luxury is always associated to inaccessibility. It is bound to traditions and cultural heritage, but also known for its ability to innovate and to set trends. Its components include exclusivity, product excellence, personal enjoyment and prestige.

What is the perception of luxury in France?

In France, luxury is part of the cultural tradition. Traditional luxury houses have a rich history and a long heritage of exceptional craftsmanship. French people are proud of the long-term luxury history. For consumers, luxury is special and unique. The leaders of luxury in France are LVMH, Kering and L’Oréal Luxe. These groups are composed of diverse categories such as fashion, leather goods and accessories, cars, jewellery and watches, arts, food and exclusive restaurants, luxurious destinations and hotels. Brands have to be as perfect as possible. Total availability, passion for luxury products or services, special attentions, courtesy, recognition and valorisation. Luxury codes are mandatory for brands striving excellence.

Article written by Laureen Baldacchino, Thibaut Lerda, Nogol Nakhai, Lisa Perrein #mbaluxe #efap #essca #decodingluxury

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Walking in their shoes…

Last week I had the wonderful experience to travel to Dubai. It was a school trip with my MBA class. A great experience, no need to say!
We got to discover the wonders of such a modern city, with an outstanding architecture almost defying gravity. Where everything is huge, megalomaniac. A luxury universe created from scratch out of the sand of the desert.
But what is even more amazing is that all this modernity contrasts with a very traditional society in which the local population walks around the trendiest spots wearing traditional clothes. Men in Kanduras and women in Abayas.
Even though they are totally used to having tourists and expats around, (and we are allowed to dress in the « western way »), we can still feel in their eyes a glance of disapproval.
The last time I travelled to the Middle East I was 6 years old, so I definitely didn’t remember how it felt to be looked at in that way!
On my last night in the city, we decided to go for some typical souvenirs and there was I purchasing a typical outfit. I was so excited about it that I decided to walk out all dressed up, from head to toes, as a UAE woman. And yet I could not imagine that I was about to experience one of the most intense anthropological episodes of my life. I completely blended in and from that moment on everything changed.
The ladies looked at me with respect, to foreigners (men) I stopped existing, to local men I started to exist as a respectable person, and in the shops… oh dear, in every single store I was treated as a princess!!! All the sales team was really concerned about every single movement of me. They smiled all the time and kept pampering me. As we stopped in a restaurant to have dinner, the manager himself came over to assist us. We were a group of 8 girls, but his attention was absolutely on me. He was so attentive, and he provided us with the best service we ever had during the whole trip!
Actually, I was starting to believe that being a woman in Dubai had its great advantages after all. That feeling went on until after we had dinner and I went out of the restaurant with one of my friends to smoke a cigarette. I was opening my purse, and I remembered that I was wearing an abaya and I did not recall seeing any local woman smoking!!! Moreover, my passport was at the hotel. So there I was, all stunning in my new clothes, in a super luxurious restaurant, but definitely trapped by UAE’ s women condition!
In that very moment all the glamour was swept away and I could only thank god for being born in a country where women are free to wear what they like…

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Abu Dhabi où règnent le luxe et la démesure

Présente à Dubaï lors d’un séminaire #efapmbaluxe autour du luxe, je me suis dit qu’une visite à sa voisine Abu Dhabi s’imposait tant ces deux villes sont proches. Quelques heures de transports suffisent pour passer d’un Emirat à l’autre, alors pourquoi s’en priver ? Et le jeu en vaut la chandelle : j’ai été subjuguée par la ville aux milles visages.

Contrairement à Dubaï où l’apparat et l’artifice sont les maîtres mots et où les malls de luxe éclipsent les mosquées, Abu Dhabi se montre bien plus humaine, plus chaleureuse, dirais-je. Cette dernière en a bien conscience et se dessine comme la capitale culturelle des Emirats Arabes Unies notamment avec l’ouverture prochaine de musée du Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Je me revois encore dans ce bus en chemin vers Abu Dhabi, laissant derrière moi les gargantuesques buildings pour un désert aux couleurs beige. Puis apparaissent quelques immeubles, des rues à peine remplies de personnes en habit traditionnel. Le bus déambule dans la cité en dévoilant une ville aux allures faussement occidentales : certes les immenses skyscrapers rappellent aisément New York mais quelques emblèmes comme des mosquées et surtout des sculptures de l’art musulman nuancent cette image de ville américaine. Abu Dhabi a plus à offrir à que cela.

Notre arrêt s’effectuera à l’incontournable Grande Mosquée Cheikh Zayed. Cet édifice dont la beauté est à couper le souffle a été construit en trois ans à peine, marque une prouesse technique qui ne surprend qu’à moitié quand on visite les émirats. Recouverte de blanc pur, on ne peut y entrer que convenablement vêtu. Cette mosquée détient d’autres trésors que sa propre architecture. Ainsi, le tapis de la salle de prière tissé d’une seule pièce se trouve être le plus long et le plus grand au monde. S’ajoute à cela, le plus grand lustre BACCARAT au monde (15m de diamètre sur 12 m de hauteur pour 12 tonnes). Admirer de tels chefs d’œuvres aussi bien au-dessus de votre tête qu’à vos pieds est un moment unique à apprécier. On perd facilement des heures à observer les détails des gravures, des peintures et du mobilier.

La Mosquée constitue l’une des preuves majeures du goût et du niveau de sophistication de cette civilisation qui fait de ses valeurs et de ses édifices un luxe. En accord avec ce monument qui demeure une bâtisse religieuse, Abu Dhabi se montre plus conservatrice que sa voisine.

                  Mosquée Cheikh Zayed à Abu Dhabi mosquée 2

Cela dit, Abu Dhabi sait également divertir ses habitants. Encore une fois, j’ai choisi l’exemple le plus marquant, celui de Ferrari World. On passe d’un extrême à l’autre sans quitter une seule seconde l’univers du luxe. Plus dynamique, plus moderne et surtout universel, Ferrari World est né du concept démesuré de créer un parc à thème dédié à la griffe de luxe, Ferrari. Jumelé au parc, se situent le Yas Mall et non loin, un parc aquatique. Tout est minutieusement organisé pour plaire à une famille, un couple, un habitant ou un groupe de touristes et plus encore pour nous impressionner par l’extravagance outrancière de l’endroit.

C’est sur le chemin de retour que nous avons vu le soleil se coucher achevant cette visite ponctuelle à Abu Dhabi, marquant d’une pierre blanche ce passage intense.

Abu Dhabi sait faire rêver est se révèle être une machine bien huilée mais sa capacité à converser son identité, sans se dénaturer et son caractère plus familial sont intéressants à analyser et à comprendre…
Ferrari World

The Lounge at Fashion Avenue – Dubaï Mall

The Dubaï Mall is a singular place where all the fashion’s houses and luxury brands in general want to expose their universe to the UAE public.

Of course, the biggest mall of the world proposed an exceptional program for the best clients, taking into account the customers’ emotions and experiences, which are the main preoccupation of the program. The members of “The LIST” can enjoy the VIP Lounge access and allows them to have access at many services and privileges, like the valet parking, porter service or exclusive event invitations for example.


The Lounge is a cozy space located on a high level, with an unparalleled panoramic view on the fountains of Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa –the highest tower of the world. The space proposes a dreamy location that will make everyone feel favor. An ideal location for previews or exclusive launches and events with an impressive venue that offers a unique space to showcase luxury brands in an intimate way.

For a coffee to start the day, for a tea time or to have a drink at night, this luxury experience isn’t just a place to be but mostly a full services show.


With dedicated staff, the lounge is open daily from 10 am till 10pm. The esteemed members are welcome to have 2 guests to the Lounge and book the private rooms and the full lounge with a special rate.


A delectable spread of gourmet savories and sweet canapés will be served, complemented with a fine selection of beverages.


The Lounge proposes also a private mini-car service to drive VIP’s clients throughout the mall. Personal shoppers are also dedicated in order to offer an intimate shopping experience.

We will understand that this is the perfect spot to take over for a luxury immersion made in Dubai. That is why, a lot of houses already make good use of it. Dior, Nespresso or more recently Sisley have enjoyed the interesting location and database of the concept place to present their new collections to a well-targeted audience.


Co-editing with Fatène Oukaci

Cultural and touristic aspects of Dubai

P1010911 P1010857


When we started visiting Dubai, my first reaction was a mix of wonder and astonishment. The city looked like an occidental capital. From the airport to the buildings, from the underground to the cars, everything here is huge. The biggest airport in the world, the tallest/highest skyscraper in the world, this city clearly gives a message of power. Then you cannot miss the modernity: in the districts, the DIFC (Dubai international financial district), the Times Square, Downtown Dubai, the seven star hotel Burj Al Arab shaped as the sail of a boat, the architecture of all this part of the city is extremely new. Most of those constructions have been built in the last fifteen years which is quite impressive. More than half of the touristic attractions at the end of the nineties didn’t exist.

So, even if I found this characteristic interesting, I suddenly began to looking deeper in order to discover the traditional and cultural aspects of Dubai, the ones that clearly show you are in the capital of the second largest emirate of the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Our tour included a special visit of the Golden Souk, one of the most typical Dubai’s souks. Souk is the Arabic world for market and the Golden Souk is a traditional market located in the center of the commercial district in Deira, the old city, where you can find more than three hundred shops that sell gold. When you walk down those alleys, you are approached by local sellers every five minutes. They obviously talk to you in English but they are Arabs. Besides, you can see that you are in the old city because all the buildings around you are old houses with a few flats. To get to Deira from the harbor, you can take the abras, small boats that ferry passengers across the Dubai Creek and this experience is pleasant and instructive because you have a panoramic view of the new city with all the skyscrapers and, at the same time, the old one with its souks and its mosques.

One of the main attractions of Dubai is shopping, that’s why this city is nicknamed “the shopping capital of the Middle East”. In addition to the souks, you can find a lot of modern malls such as the Mall of the Emirates and above all the Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the world. From the entry to the aquarium, every detail here contributes to create the “wow effect”. All of the French and Italian luxury brands are accurately displayed on perfect windows of beautiful shops, for every woman’s dream all the most famous shoes designers are put forward in Level, the biggest shoes department in the world, all the restaurants are located in a beautiful area and, to enhance the whole experience, outside the food courtyard you can see the amazing show of the Dubai Fountains with water games accompanied by different kinds of music from the classic to the contemporary Arabic and world music. And you can admire the view of the Dubai skyline with the standing out Burj Khalifa, lighted up in many beautiful colors. That is one of the main examples of luxury made in Dubai, which is huge, modern, golden and bling-bling in harmony with the Emir’s taste.



Trendy Dubai : Le Vogue Café

voguecafedubaiVogue est l’autorité suprême dans la mode, de l’affrètement de l’évolution de style à l’inspiration des lecteurs à l’échelle internationale depuis plus d’un siècle.

Comme une extension de marque du titre du magazine vénéré, VOGUE Café du Dubai Mall a trouvé sa maison dans le magasin LEVEL, connu comme la référence de grand magasin de chaussures de Luxe. C’est le premier Vogue Café installé au Moyen-Orient. Le restaurant chic, est niché au cœur du magasin, et est complété par un élégant bar EspressoEnsemble, ils dépeignent la fusion de la gastronomie, le style, la célébrité et l’élégance dans un cadre calme et serein. VOGUE Café du Dubai Mall impressionne par une expérience gastronomique exclusive, ouvert du petit déjeuner au dîner. Un moment où on se retrouve entouré par les photographies emblématiques des archives Vogue le tout dans un décor sophistiqué. Avec LEVEL, le plus grand magasin de chaussures au monde, VOGUE Café du Dubai Mall est devenu un hit depuis son ouverture le 1er Juin 2013. Un des nouveaux endroits musts de la ville. 

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Hyppolite vs Pistache

Think “Palaces”, “5 star hotels”, and you may not right away think about child-proof or even child-friendly places… In Paris, Le Bristol or Le Meurice stood up to the challenge to prove you wrong.


“Les Amis d’Hypolyte”, a dedicated club for children at Le Bristol

Hyppolyte Jammet was the name of the founder of Le Bristol Paris’… but Hyppolyte is also now the Bristol’s famous gardening rabbit, a special emissary greeting the younger guests of the parisian Palace. In addition to the 2 cats of the hotel, this animal may be only a plushmate, but is certainly the other star for the youngest guest of the hotel. Children receive their own Hyppolyte upon their arrival so that he can remain their companion throughout their stay and accompany them while visiting Paris with their special booklet, or while indulging in a scavenger hunt throughout the hotel, or also enjoying a decadent tea time. Adjacent to Le Spa, mothers too can enjoy a nice break while children spend some fun time relaxing in their own club, a welcoming play room filled with books, toys and games… More than just a plush, “Les Amis d’Hypolyte” is a family value, a welcoming friend for family friends.


Pistache connects families with le Meurice

At first sight on the internet website, I thought Le Meurice was less welcoming to families with children, but digging helps you find treasures! The hotel also has its own mascot, Pistache, the plush dog. A passport has also been created for the children with a trail of the city’s most magical sights, and inside the hotel, a treasure hunt is organized as well. You can continue the adventure in the jardin des tuilleries where children can play with custom-made toy wooden boats to sail in the boat pond. Granted they are more than 6 years old, in Le Meurice, Mother and children can relax together at the spa. In addition there is an on-line game for the most connected children to learn about the little secrets of le Meurice with a playfull quizz.


I can’t really designate which contender is the cutest, but I can definitely say those 2 palaces won me over with their wonderful programs. I can’t wait to try them out !

Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme

Depuis le 5 Mai 2011, le Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme est classé parmi les « Palaces » parisiens. Situé dans le 2ème arrondissement de Paris ce petit nouveau a su prendre place parmi les plus grands, situé entre la place Vendôme et l’Opéra Garnier. Il a obtenu cette distinction grâce à la qualité exceptionnelle de ses services et du confort qu’il offre à sa clientèle. Résolument contemporain, le célèbre hôtel rue de la Paix est fidèle à la réputation des hôtels Park Hyatt dans le monde.

L’architecture intérieure fut confiée à Ed Tuttle, célèbre pour ses réalisations d’hôtels de rêve à travers le monde. Pour renforcer l’empreinte parisienne de ce lieu splendide, l’architecture s’est appuyée sur le classicisme à la française en retravaillant styles et matériaux traditionnels de façon plus contemporaine.

Au cœur de l’hôtel, les clients pénètrent dans un lieu d’exception ; les orchidées qui diffusent une odeur douce et le bar-restaurant lounge s’ouvre sur deux cours intérieures : l’une couverte par une large verrière à la manière d’un jardin d’hiver et la seconde est à ciel ouvert. Les visiteurs peuvent à toute heure de la journée s’y donner rendez-vous pour se détendre, prendre un rafraichissement, un thé ou encore pour un dîner tout en lumière.

Sous la main bienveillante de son chef Jean-François Rouquette, le restaurant gastronomique ouvert uniquement le soir, propose une atmosphère feutrée dans laquelle la cuisine ouverte sur la salle offre un véritable spectacle aux convives avec un ballet de toques blanches aux mains raffinées. Une carte spéciale est également proposée pendants les fêtes de Noël ou la Saint Valentin, de quoi donner des idées à certains en ce mois de Février.

Un Spa est également à la disposition exclusive des clients de l’hôtel avec sauna, hammam, Jacuzzi et salle de gym, de quoi se relaxer et en sortir serein. Des soins esthétiques et massages y sont dispensés dans quatre salles dédiées à cet effet et sont également disponibles en chambre 24h/24.

Palace ancien pour son histoire ou jeune palace pour sa modernité et sa créativité ? A vous de trancher, mais n’oubliez pas que quel que soit votre choix, les Palaces parisiens sauront charmer votre bien aimé(e) pour une Saint Valentin à Paris qui respecte sa réputation.

Gwendoline Barty Vega


« Cendrillon au Meurice »

La st Valentin approchant et en bonne romantique, je décide de partager avec vous mon souvenir de l’une des plus belles surprises que m’eut concoctée mon chéri.
Je pose le décor, nous sommes à une semaine de la st Valentin le samedi 8 février 2014 plus précisément, Thomas mon fiancé qui habituellement respecte ma grâce mâtinée le week-end, me réveilla à 10h du matin.
Exaspérée car loin d’imaginer ma surprise je me levai en ruminant. Deux heures et demie et un brunch maison plus tard, Thomas me conduisit dans le quartier de l’Opéra au 6 square de l’Opéra – Louis Jouvet, notre première halte fut le spa 5 mondes. Je découvre alors ma surprise. Je pouvais profiter d’une heure et demie d’un massage du corps à inspiration indienne nommée « Abhyanga ».
Thomas m’expliqua qu’il reviendrait me chercher après. Déçu qu’il ne partage pas ce moment avec moi, je m’interrogeai un moment sur la raison de son absence, mais très vite une hôtesse me prend en charge pour m’installer et m’offrir un thé.
Je sors de ma séance détendue et reposée et appela Thomas pour savoir s’il était en chemin.
Thomas me dit qu’il aurait plusieurs minutes de retard, et 40 min d’attente plus tard il arriva tout sourire ce qui eut le don de m’énerver mais le souvenir du massage l’emporta et nous partîmes en direction de la maison.
Nous empruntèrent l’avenue de l’opéra jusqu’à Palais Royal pour rejoindre la rue de Rivoli où se trouvait un de mes établissements favoris.
Arrivée non loin je fis remarquer à mon compagnon qu’ici résidait mon palace préféré. « le Meurice »
Je fus surprise quand arrivée à la hauteur de l’entrée de celui-ci, mon compagnon entreprit de se garer et me proposa d’y prendre le goûter.
Folle de joie j’oubliai définitivement ma petite rancune.
Passé la majestueuse porte d’entrée de l’établissement je fusse subjuguée par la magie de ce hall, décoré à la mode de Versailles avec ses dorures et dès ses moulures aux courbes dansantes, des stucs, et des mosaïques sorties d’un livre d’histoire, sans oublier les magnifiques lustres qui avait le pouvoir de transformer toutes mondaines en princesses.
C’est arrivée à la réception que m’a surprise fut à l’apothéose de son charme, quand j’appris que mon fiancé nous avait en réalité réservé une suite pour le week-end entier et que son retard était dû à un détour par notre domicile car il avait oublié le sac contenant mes affaires personnelles qu’il avait secrètement préparé lui-même.



Alexis Yimga