Exclusion vs. exclusivity

From Rive Gauche to Rive Droite, walking through busy luxury areas such as Sèvres-Babylone, Saint Germain, Rue Saint Honoré or Place Vendôme, we met with some locals in order to get a glimpse of what they think and how they perceive luxury in France. To do so, we questioned a few locals from different backgrounds, ages and interests and we found out that Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior are the most anchored luxury brands in the French people’s minds. Whether they were cooks, bloggers or salespeople they all knew these fashion brands and they were the first ones to pop up in their minds. These brands are some of the most visible ones on the streets, television, magazines and on social media. Thanks to exhibitions, Paris Fashion Weeks or even designers such as Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, fashion is the sector most linked to luxury. But it is important to remember that luxury isn’t only defined by fashion, especially in a country with such a big heritage in gastronomy, fine wines and hospitality…

Except the fashion sector, the luxury world is, in fact, very discreet. Luxury likes to hide from the public. The rarer the product is and the more prestigious it is, the better. Therefore, confidentiality has a big role in luxury.

Luxury brands have the will to nourish their exclusive essence. By touching connoisseurs who have a real brand culture. In France, luxury includes an incredible know-how mixed with culture. The industry gathers a huge number of artisans, chefs and creative directors who can link savoir-faire with dream. They are serving our worldwide reputation in terms of craftsmanship. Our history is written throughout the courts of kings, vineyards, Michelin chefs, exceptional palaces…. “Made in France” is the worldwide label meaning quality, refinement and dream. It justifies all prices and excesses. It can easily be seen as an untouchable universe. A confidential and exclusive universe.

Exclusivity can sometimes lead to exclusion; therefore, more and more brands are trying to reach a wider audience while preserving their core target. Through innovation, creation and the element of surprise, luxury brands set their objectives. We noticed collaborations were one of the many actions used by these brands to introduce the audience to their brand. Indeed, we understood thanks to our interviews, that the younger generation tends to be more touched by collaborations, as they feel closer and more involved in the brand’s image. This is also a generation demanding more from luxury brands, not only wanting a product but the whole experience.

Through digital actions, brands have been able to get closer to their audience. People are more engaged, more cultivated and more aware of luxury codes. They can follow fashion shows almost live on the brands website or through their Instagram posts.
Could democratization of luxury be the opportunity for luxury brands to develop their image and expand themselves while preserving their heritage?

By Alexia Toury, Charlotte Waldelof, Elwine Barthelemy, Isabelle Crétat and Samia Boutayeb

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If luxury were a dream…

If luxury were a dream, it would be a poetic dream and you would fall into it as Alice in a luxurious wonderland. It would make you feel as if you were having the best experience of your life, as if you would share a secret only very few knew about. All your senses would expand, every touch, every breath, every taste would be a new experience you will never forget. Every look at a Haute Couture dress would be a crush forever. But more than sensorial experiments, the dream you are in tells you stories. Stories that began in 1837 with Hermes, in 1910 with Coco or in 1946 with Christian. Each one lives in a Maison you ought to discover. You will want to see every single room, search for details that lead you to the roof where stand the gods. Now you are a connoisseur. Now you have earned the right to come back again and feel at home. Now the dream comes to an end. Once you get out, it ends. You have discovered secrets, senses and stories. You have met the gods. Every time you look at others, you know who is in and who is out; who deserves it and who does not; who you can connect with and who seems afar. But be quiet, do not show it, keep it inside. It remains in your heart forever. Congratulations, you are now a luxury sensitive. This is luxury à la française: exclusivity, elegance, refinement and exclusion. It touches you because you appreciate to spend money in a great restaurant, to buy things you do not need just because you will keep it for years. You know the power of appreciation and time. You feel confident about your ability to find great products, with high quality and you like to reward the artisans with a high price. You know where to go because you are in the club, you feel free to express your difference, in real life and on the internet.

The digital world gives you the opportunity to feed the need you have to discover new stories, more details, more secrets and more Maisons. It empowers you with knowledge. Once you have found your haven, put your phone away and prepare to enter the new dream you will be a part of.

« Dreams, feel real while you’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange… » (Dom Cobb, Inception). Luxury itself can be considered a paradox. From the data taken from interviews of fifty Parisians, it appears that the idea of luxury is ambivalent. Is luxury a dream for the ordinary mortal? The most known features linked to luxury are those of beauty, elegance, refinement, exception, history and obviously, the dream. Nonetheless, according to the interviewees, luxury seems to be ostentatious, a way to differentiate yourself, something that is not necessary. People for whom luxury is barely reachable do not care about the experiment but about the image shown to the world.  We could call them « imposters ». They would be the ones who seek recognition, who have something to prove to the world when a luxury sensitive person would be the true luxury clients. According to the interviewees whom we will consider imposters, the experience aspect is crucial but different in its meaning: luxury sensitives look for something unique but intimate, discreet whereas imposters need to show that they are equally inclined to experience something but something exceptional and big. Another aspect that was extracted from the interviews is the tarnished image of luxury. Indeed, when asked about luxury and quality, more than half of the interviewees believe that luxury products are not necessarily of good quality. These features show the two aspects of luxury. On the one hand, the so-called luxury sensitives seek exceptional experiences whereas the imposters want to distinguish themselves, to show-off. It appears relevant to wonder about the longevity of the current luxury Maison. Will they resist to the rise and pressure of imposters leading to the creation of new luxury institutions?


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Walking in their shoes…

Last week I had the wonderful experience to travel to Dubai. It was a school trip with my MBA class. A great experience, no need to say!
We got to discover the wonders of such a modern city, with an outstanding architecture almost defying gravity. Where everything is huge, megalomaniac. A luxury universe created from scratch out of the sand of the desert.
But what is even more amazing is that all this modernity contrasts with a very traditional society in which the local population walks around the trendiest spots wearing traditional clothes. Men in Kanduras and women in Abayas.
Even though they are totally used to having tourists and expats around, (and we are allowed to dress in the « western way »), we can still feel in their eyes a glance of disapproval.
The last time I travelled to the Middle East I was 6 years old, so I definitely didn’t remember how it felt to be looked at in that way!
On my last night in the city, we decided to go for some typical souvenirs and there was I purchasing a typical outfit. I was so excited about it that I decided to walk out all dressed up, from head to toes, as a UAE woman. And yet I could not imagine that I was about to experience one of the most intense anthropological episodes of my life. I completely blended in and from that moment on everything changed.
The ladies looked at me with respect, to foreigners (men) I stopped existing, to local men I started to exist as a respectable person, and in the shops… oh dear, in every single store I was treated as a princess!!! All the sales team was really concerned about every single movement of me. They smiled all the time and kept pampering me. As we stopped in a restaurant to have dinner, the manager himself came over to assist us. We were a group of 8 girls, but his attention was absolutely on me. He was so attentive, and he provided us with the best service we ever had during the whole trip!
Actually, I was starting to believe that being a woman in Dubai had its great advantages after all. That feeling went on until after we had dinner and I went out of the restaurant with one of my friends to smoke a cigarette. I was opening my purse, and I remembered that I was wearing an abaya and I did not recall seeing any local woman smoking!!! Moreover, my passport was at the hotel. So there I was, all stunning in my new clothes, in a super luxurious restaurant, but definitely trapped by UAE’ s women condition!
In that very moment all the glamour was swept away and I could only thank god for being born in a country where women are free to wear what they like…

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How LEVEL shoe district intends to sweep you off your feet

Looking for a new pair of shoes to match your latest outfit or just looking for that “one extra pair” you really REALLY need to complete your collection?…  Well, Level, the shoe district with 15,000 options might be just what you need if you live in Dubai or just happen to be visiting for the holidays. 

Level Shoe Store entrance

Part of the Chalhoub Group, this 96,000 square-foot store inaugurated in 2012 is a shoe paradise where you can find over 250 brands and 40 luxury boutiques in one single location. But much more than a convenient one-stop store, Level Shoe District aims to offer a “unique retail concept and destination”.  So what is it that differentiates Level from other shoe stores?

SERVICES are the name of the game it seems. While the store offers a wide range of traditional services and amenities – ranging from the inevitable café (Vogue), to the in-store stylists and concierge assistance, they also propose more unique services such as their own in-house cobbler and sole treatment lounge that might just make the difference.

If you ask my husband, the cobbler would be the seller. Nowadays, talented artisans with real savoir-faire are so hard to find that one would go miles out of their way to find one that really knows “his business”, and more importantly, that won’t ruin your favourite pair of shoes. In Level, the cobbler – a master purveyor of traditional shoemaking – creates not only ready to wear and bespoke footwear for gentlemen, but can also cater to your oldies but goodies and bring them back to life with special treatments including mirror shine, patina, full leather re-soling and heel replacement for both men and women.

Now, if you ask ME, I just can’t wait to indulge in one of the 3 dedicated Margaret Dabbs treatment lounges. A fully trained Podiatrist, Margareth Dabbs set up a series of Foot Clinics starting in 1998 in London, and pioneered the now renowned “Medical Pedicure”. Since 2013, she has taken her expertise and brought her professional podiatrists and nail technicians to Dubai to offer first class treatments. Fusing health and beauty and retailing her award winning product range, she provides outstanding care that visibly transforms the feet.

Level is not only a shoe store but a dream come true, pampering you from tip to toes when it comes to feet. What has brought them to the next level is certainly the quality of the overall experience, catering needs with savoir-faire and attention to details.

Personally, while in the store, my feet were barely touching the ground!




PDR Abu Dhabi 1
Il y a à peine trois mois, un nouveau concept store spécialisé dans les accessoires, les cosmétiques et l’enfant voyait le jour à Abu Dhabi : Tryano. Ce néologisme, de prime abord, a de quoi intriguer. Mais dès que l’on passe le pas de ce gigantesque magasin, tout fait sens. Tryano, c’est un espace exclusif, un jardin dédié à l’imagination où les saisons, les couleurs, les sensations se
mêlent et s’entrecroisent pour offrir une expérience unique, féérique et poétique à ses visiteurs. A travers le magnifique et spacieux display, ce que l’on peut lire, outre l’attention spécifique offerte aux produits, c’est une politique du slow motion, qui invite le client à prendre son temps, et partant, met en place un rapport à l’achat apaisé et renouvelé.

Dans ce cadre onirique, un invité surprise surgit, comme d’un rêve. Et ce n’est autre que le célèbre pâtissier français Philippe Conticini qui a posé ses valises – ou plutôt, ses ustensiles de cuisine – au troisième étage du nouveau concept store. En effet, qui mieux que « La Pâtisserie des rêves » pouvait incarner la dimension gourmande de ce jardin de l’imagination ?

PDR Abu Dhabi 2Au milieu du manège des cloches qui accueille plus de 100 couverts le weekend, on retrouve les classiques du chef : son fameux Paris Brest, élu le meilleur de Paris, son très gourmand Saint-Honoré, et ses viennoiseries signatures – même si l’on remarque que la pâte feuilletée supporte mal la chaleur et l’humidité des Émirats. Autre différence notable, la grande importance accordée à la partie salée. Certes, une petite sélection de mets pour déjeuner sur le pouce est proposée au BHV Marais, mais dans des proportions moindres, et ici, une gamme de pains cuits sur place s’ajoute à l’offre traditionnelle. Un clin d’œil à la French touch, certainement.
Mais plus qu’un simple rendez-vous pour les gourmands et pour les hommes attendant patiemment leurs femmes arpentant frénétiquement les rayons inférieurs du magasin à la recherche de la dernière pièce trendy, La Pâtisserie des rêves constitue un véritable support de communication pour le magasin.Dès l’entrée, un petit chariot attend chaleureusement le visiteur avec quelques gourmandises du chef : de quoi mettre en appétit pour une longue virée shopping. De plus, le weekend, lors des grandes affluences de ce concept store situé à 40km du centre d’Abu Dhabi, le corner se transforme en véritable école de pâtisserie où les enfants peuvent préparer et déguster leurs propres cookies, tartes et autres gourmandises. Les mamans et les clientes de première importance y sont aussi des invités privilégiées lors de goûter-tea time organisés spécialement à leur attention.Vous l’aurez donc compris, loin d’être un simple rendez-vous gourmand, la Pâtisserie des rêves joue un rôle de choix dans la communication de Tryano, apportant sa part de rêve à ce jardin de l’imagination. En s’imposant comme un sens de plus dans cette expérience globale et multi-sensorielle que cherche à offrir le nouveau concept store, la marque du chef Conticini a sans conteste un rôle de choix à jouer dans l’unicité du service de luxe que souhaite mettre en place le nouveau centre d’Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi où règnent le luxe et la démesure

Présente à Dubaï lors d’un séminaire #efapmbaluxe autour du luxe, je me suis dit qu’une visite à sa voisine Abu Dhabi s’imposait tant ces deux villes sont proches. Quelques heures de transports suffisent pour passer d’un Emirat à l’autre, alors pourquoi s’en priver ? Et le jeu en vaut la chandelle : j’ai été subjuguée par la ville aux milles visages.

Contrairement à Dubaï où l’apparat et l’artifice sont les maîtres mots et où les malls de luxe éclipsent les mosquées, Abu Dhabi se montre bien plus humaine, plus chaleureuse, dirais-je. Cette dernière en a bien conscience et se dessine comme la capitale culturelle des Emirats Arabes Unies notamment avec l’ouverture prochaine de musée du Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Je me revois encore dans ce bus en chemin vers Abu Dhabi, laissant derrière moi les gargantuesques buildings pour un désert aux couleurs beige. Puis apparaissent quelques immeubles, des rues à peine remplies de personnes en habit traditionnel. Le bus déambule dans la cité en dévoilant une ville aux allures faussement occidentales : certes les immenses skyscrapers rappellent aisément New York mais quelques emblèmes comme des mosquées et surtout des sculptures de l’art musulman nuancent cette image de ville américaine. Abu Dhabi a plus à offrir à que cela.

Notre arrêt s’effectuera à l’incontournable Grande Mosquée Cheikh Zayed. Cet édifice dont la beauté est à couper le souffle a été construit en trois ans à peine, marque une prouesse technique qui ne surprend qu’à moitié quand on visite les émirats. Recouverte de blanc pur, on ne peut y entrer que convenablement vêtu. Cette mosquée détient d’autres trésors que sa propre architecture. Ainsi, le tapis de la salle de prière tissé d’une seule pièce se trouve être le plus long et le plus grand au monde. S’ajoute à cela, le plus grand lustre BACCARAT au monde (15m de diamètre sur 12 m de hauteur pour 12 tonnes). Admirer de tels chefs d’œuvres aussi bien au-dessus de votre tête qu’à vos pieds est un moment unique à apprécier. On perd facilement des heures à observer les détails des gravures, des peintures et du mobilier.

La Mosquée constitue l’une des preuves majeures du goût et du niveau de sophistication de cette civilisation qui fait de ses valeurs et de ses édifices un luxe. En accord avec ce monument qui demeure une bâtisse religieuse, Abu Dhabi se montre plus conservatrice que sa voisine.

                  Mosquée Cheikh Zayed à Abu Dhabi mosquée 2

Cela dit, Abu Dhabi sait également divertir ses habitants. Encore une fois, j’ai choisi l’exemple le plus marquant, celui de Ferrari World. On passe d’un extrême à l’autre sans quitter une seule seconde l’univers du luxe. Plus dynamique, plus moderne et surtout universel, Ferrari World est né du concept démesuré de créer un parc à thème dédié à la griffe de luxe, Ferrari. Jumelé au parc, se situent le Yas Mall et non loin, un parc aquatique. Tout est minutieusement organisé pour plaire à une famille, un couple, un habitant ou un groupe de touristes et plus encore pour nous impressionner par l’extravagance outrancière de l’endroit.

C’est sur le chemin de retour que nous avons vu le soleil se coucher achevant cette visite ponctuelle à Abu Dhabi, marquant d’une pierre blanche ce passage intense.

Abu Dhabi sait faire rêver est se révèle être une machine bien huilée mais sa capacité à converser son identité, sans se dénaturer et son caractère plus familial sont intéressants à analyser et à comprendre…
Ferrari World

The Lounge at Fashion Avenue – Dubaï Mall

The Dubaï Mall is a singular place where all the fashion’s houses and luxury brands in general want to expose their universe to the UAE public.

Of course, the biggest mall of the world proposed an exceptional program for the best clients, taking into account the customers’ emotions and experiences, which are the main preoccupation of the program. The members of “The LIST” can enjoy the VIP Lounge access and allows them to have access at many services and privileges, like the valet parking, porter service or exclusive event invitations for example.


The Lounge is a cozy space located on a high level, with an unparalleled panoramic view on the fountains of Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa –the highest tower of the world. The space proposes a dreamy location that will make everyone feel favor. An ideal location for previews or exclusive launches and events with an impressive venue that offers a unique space to showcase luxury brands in an intimate way.

For a coffee to start the day, for a tea time or to have a drink at night, this luxury experience isn’t just a place to be but mostly a full services show.


With dedicated staff, the lounge is open daily from 10 am till 10pm. The esteemed members are welcome to have 2 guests to the Lounge and book the private rooms and the full lounge with a special rate.


A delectable spread of gourmet savories and sweet canapés will be served, complemented with a fine selection of beverages.


The Lounge proposes also a private mini-car service to drive VIP’s clients throughout the mall. Personal shoppers are also dedicated in order to offer an intimate shopping experience.

We will understand that this is the perfect spot to take over for a luxury immersion made in Dubai. That is why, a lot of houses already make good use of it. Dior, Nespresso or more recently Sisley have enjoyed the interesting location and database of the concept place to present their new collections to a well-targeted audience.


Co-editing with Fatène Oukaci

Level shoe district, la pointure de Dubaï

Mardi 2 mars 2016, il fait presque 30 degrés dans les rues de Dubaï. Il est à peine 9h30 et les gens se pressent déjà aux portes du Dubaï Mall, étonnante et gigantesque construction de 800 000 mètres carrés. Parmi les nombreuses enseignes du centre commercial, niché au milieu des gratte-ciels, Level shoe district est le concept store qui fera pâlir de jalousie les vendeurs de souliers du monde entier.

600, c’est le nombre à peine imaginable de paires de chaussures que Level shoe district vend par jour à sa clientèle locale et internationale. Depuis son ouverture en 2012 par le géant du luxe Groupe Chalhoub, le concept store est devenu plus qu’une référence, il est une expression, une habitude. Impressionnante, c’est l’enseigne spécialisée dans la vente de souliers la plus grande du monde avec presque 9 000 mètres carrés de corners et boutiques et une liste quasi infinie de créateurs connus et reconnus et de nouvelles maisons prometteuses.

LevelShoeDistrict map

D’après Francesco Russo, Level shoe district est un « temple pour le luxe à Dubaï ». Le concept store s’organise autour de 2 grands pôles.

Chez la femme, ce ne sont pas moins de 80 grandes maisons qui sont représentées, chausseurs comme Giuseppe Zanotti Design, Manolo Blahnik, Gianvito Rossi ou Christian Louboutin mais aussi maisons de couture telles que Chloé, Céline, Oscar de la Renta ou encore Maison Martin Margiela. Plus simplement, ils y sont tous sans exception. Réparties entre corners et boutiques on retrouve certaines maisons dans deux alcôves autour du thème contemporain et trendy où décoration et ambiance musicale jouent le jeu.

Et parce que les hommes ne consomment pas comme les femmes, Level shoe district a offert à la gente masculine une expérience simplifiée. Environ 40 marques sont présentes et regroupées par thème. J.M Weston chez les classiques, Valentino chez les modernes et Nike chez les sneakers. L’homme qui entre dans le concept store sait déjà ce qu’il portera en en sortant, Level shoe district le sait bien.

On l’aura compris, Level shoe district est à l’image de ce qu’est Dubaï, démesuré dans le merveilleux et grandiose dans l’éclat. Que l’on soit banquier d’affaire en quête d’une paire de richelieu, fashionista à la poursuite de stiletto, ou encore ado accro aux Stan Smith, on trouve forcément chaussure à son pied.

Cultural and touristic aspects of Dubai

P1010911 P1010857


When we started visiting Dubai, my first reaction was a mix of wonder and astonishment. The city looked like an occidental capital. From the airport to the buildings, from the underground to the cars, everything here is huge. The biggest airport in the world, the tallest/highest skyscraper in the world, this city clearly gives a message of power. Then you cannot miss the modernity: in the districts, the DIFC (Dubai international financial district), the Times Square, Downtown Dubai, the seven star hotel Burj Al Arab shaped as the sail of a boat, the architecture of all this part of the city is extremely new. Most of those constructions have been built in the last fifteen years which is quite impressive. More than half of the touristic attractions at the end of the nineties didn’t exist.

So, even if I found this characteristic interesting, I suddenly began to looking deeper in order to discover the traditional and cultural aspects of Dubai, the ones that clearly show you are in the capital of the second largest emirate of the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Our tour included a special visit of the Golden Souk, one of the most typical Dubai’s souks. Souk is the Arabic world for market and the Golden Souk is a traditional market located in the center of the commercial district in Deira, the old city, where you can find more than three hundred shops that sell gold. When you walk down those alleys, you are approached by local sellers every five minutes. They obviously talk to you in English but they are Arabs. Besides, you can see that you are in the old city because all the buildings around you are old houses with a few flats. To get to Deira from the harbor, you can take the abras, small boats that ferry passengers across the Dubai Creek and this experience is pleasant and instructive because you have a panoramic view of the new city with all the skyscrapers and, at the same time, the old one with its souks and its mosques.

One of the main attractions of Dubai is shopping, that’s why this city is nicknamed “the shopping capital of the Middle East”. In addition to the souks, you can find a lot of modern malls such as the Mall of the Emirates and above all the Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the world. From the entry to the aquarium, every detail here contributes to create the “wow effect”. All of the French and Italian luxury brands are accurately displayed on perfect windows of beautiful shops, for every woman’s dream all the most famous shoes designers are put forward in Level, the biggest shoes department in the world, all the restaurants are located in a beautiful area and, to enhance the whole experience, outside the food courtyard you can see the amazing show of the Dubai Fountains with water games accompanied by different kinds of music from the classic to the contemporary Arabic and world music. And you can admire the view of the Dubai skyline with the standing out Burj Khalifa, lighted up in many beautiful colors. That is one of the main examples of luxury made in Dubai, which is huge, modern, golden and bling-bling in harmony with the Emir’s taste.



St Regis Dubai Hotel

Lobby St Regis

Dubai is the kingdom of fancy hotels.

The St Regis Dubai hotel is one of the most prestigious one and opened a few weeks ago. As there are numerous luxurious hotels downtown, St Regis has to have something more. That’s why the architecture is quite different from other skyscrapers hotels such as the Armani one.

So here starts our guided tour…

When we first enter the majestic lobby, we can do nothing but take a look a the gorgeous stairs that lead to the Champagne bar and the French brasserie.

As the hotel was preparing the Harper’s Bazaar « 2016 Best Dressed », we had the chance to meet some of the best dressed Dubai women, it felt like Fashion Week!

Once we recovered for all the emotions, we couldn’t wait for visiting the suites. The St Regis has 7 kinds of suites and we had the pleasure to visit 3 of them. They all are very classy and chic. That atmosphere is quiet, peaceful and the suites are equipped with numerous rooms which can be transformed as bedrooms if needed. You can even call a private chef who will work in your own kitchen in order to let you organize a private dinner. Most of the time, those suites are rented to organize huge dinner parties.

Furthermore, The St Regis Dubai has impressive facilities..

First of all, regarding the dining, it has 8 different bars and restaurants, including the French restaurant Quartier and the J&G Steakhouse, two new signature restaurants. Indeed, located on level one, J&G Steakhouse, offers a collection of steakhouse classics and dishes inspired by Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. On the same level, all the French cuisine lovers would enjoy the classic French favorites served with a contemporary twist at the modern Brasserie Quartier, as well as some handmade chocolates and fresh pastries from Café Fleuri, pure reminiscence of  a 1930s Parisian café. For those who would like to admire the hotel’s beautifully landscaped garden while enjoying exclusive tea blends, the Sidra, open 24 hours a day, is perfect. Fancy a moment of relaxation? Then go to the XXth floor where you will enter into the Iridium Spa, open daily from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm. Those two elements, represented by the Iris flower and the silver-white color are widely present in the interior decoration of the six treatment suites of the spa. In addition to the facilities including, amongst others, the sauna, the steam room, the whirlpool and the experience shower, Iridium Spa can also accommodate a variety of special requests such as waxing, or teen’s services. Besides, there is a large selection of treatments from the massage to the iridium rituals provided by the St. Regis’ Spa in order to benefit fully from your visit.

St Regis suite                            SP St Regis                           St Regis Spa

In addition to this amazing spa, there are a fitness center and outdoor rooftop pools dedicated to tranquility and absolute discretion with a special area for children. Indeed, the impressive facilities take into account the fact that guests may come with their children and hence offer childcare service and a kids club in order to take care of this specific target.

You definitely need to add the St Regis Dubai hotel to your « to do list in Dubai »!

Amélie Margulies & Marion Blanquefort