Entrées par pedagogie

Exclusion vs. exclusivity

From Rive Gauche to Rive Droite, walking through busy luxury areas such as Sèvres-Babylone, Saint Germain, Rue Saint Honoré or Place Vendôme, we met with some locals in order to get a glimpse of what they think and how they perceive luxury in France. To do so, we questioned a few locals from different backgrounds, […]

If luxury were a dream…

If luxury were a dream, it would be a poetic dream and you would fall into it as Alice in a luxurious wonderland. It would make you feel as if you were having the best experience of your life, as if you would share a secret only very few knew about. All your senses would […]

In 3 words, how would you define luxury?

That’s the question we asked people in the streets in order to understand better the wide Luxury concept. Amongst the words collected from our interviews, we choose to develop 3 dimensions. HANDCRAFT: It is a set of practices which results of a long apprenticeship. It is the essence of luxury. It is a heritage which […]

French Luxury is Real Luxury

Perception Four customers of different nationalities and passionate about Luxury have given their very own perception of Luxury in France. Perception of Luxury in France varies very much from one person to another. However, although opinions differ on various aspects, everyone does agree on one point: that French Luxury is real Luxury. This perception includes […]

French luxury between heritage and innovation

When you think luxury, you think France, Coco Channel and her heritage, you think made in, elegance, Champs-Elysées and Place Vendôme. By defintion luxury is the « character of what is expensive, refined, sumptuous » A universe of desire, pleasure, identification, emotion and serenity. France is the leader of luxury products and services, French brands, French luxury […]

From exclusivity to democratization

French Luxury gathers different sectors: jewelry,  high fashion, cosmetics, hospitality, boats and restaurants. These are being recognized by the French know-how with our 165 000 artisans and our exceptional products. The historical French expertise and the origin of the products represents THE « Made in France ». French brands want to preserve the skills, highlighting the craftsmanship […]