Entrées par pedagogie

Luxury in France through foundations

We interviewed Carly Newman, Project Manager at the Kering Foundation, and previously at the L’Oréal Foundation. We asked her for her vision of luxury in France through those foundations, the purpose of these organizations and the link with the French luxury brands.  She strongly believes on the purpose of those foundations. For her, it is […]

Let’s talk about Luxury!

The French luxury and the French art-de-vivre are worldwide renowned: fashion, gastronomy, wine & spirits… Our country is a source of inspiration for so many people because luxury is fixed in our culture. French Luxury is so complex. According to us, we can distinguish two types of luxury, the first one is the traditional luxury […]

Luxury through ages

The world changes, so does luxury, more particularly in France. Most luxury brands are losing their own roots according to French people. Now for Millennials, luxury is more about an experience than owning a luxury product. We all have our perception of luxury. We can expect luxury to be a dream, a desire, a pleasure, […]

French luxury, between dream and reality

« Time and Silence are the most luxurious things today », Tom Ford once said. In a world where life goes so fast, where needs seem more pressing and immediate than ever, where does timeless luxury stand for French consumers? How do the French perceive luxury? Does “made in France” still make French people dream? […]

Maison Baude

Defining luxury is a complex thing to do. Indeed, not everyone has the same sensibility to it, and it can be a controversial subject. We asked several people to share with us their perception of luxury. And even if the answers can be different from one to another, the one thing they all agreed on, […]

Street Luxe : a new luxury experience

The luxury sector global turnover should reach between €254 and €259bn in 2017. But its growth raises an issue. Luxury had originally been initiated for an upper class which was looking for differentiation, and today it is a far less discrete middle class that tries to access it. In France, and abroad, luxury has always […]

Luxury: yesterday, today and tomorrow

France made luxury its excellence and international success and French luxury is a reference, but perceptions remain different according to customers. Indeed, today we can witness a strong attraction to French luxury brands from emerging countries, which can be explain by the desire of owning visible signs of affluence. On the other hand, in Europe, […]

Exclusion vs. exclusivity

From Rive Gauche to Rive Droite, walking through busy luxury areas such as Sèvres-Babylone, Saint Germain, Rue Saint Honoré or Place Vendôme, we met with some locals in order to get a glimpse of what they think and how they perceive luxury in France. To do so, we questioned a few locals from different backgrounds, […]

If luxury were a dream…

If luxury were a dream, it would be a poetic dream and you would fall into it as Alice in a luxurious wonderland. It would make you feel as if you were having the best experience of your life, as if you would share a secret only very few knew about. All your senses would […]

In 3 words, how would you define luxury?

That’s the question we asked people in the streets in order to understand better the wide Luxury concept. Amongst the words collected from our interviews, we choose to develop 3 dimensions. HANDCRAFT: It is a set of practices which results of a long apprenticeship. It is the essence of luxury. It is a heritage which […]