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How LEVEL shoe district intends to sweep you off your feet

Looking for a new pair of shoes to match your latest outfit or just looking for that “one extra pair” you really REALLY need to complete your collection?…  Well, Level, the shoe district with 15,000 options might be just what you need if you live in Dubai or just happen to be visiting for the holidays.  Part of the Chalhoub Group, this 96,000 square-foot store […]

Hyppolite vs Pistache

Think “Palaces”, “5 star hotels”, and you may not right away think about child-proof or even child-friendly places… In Paris, Le Bristol or Le Meurice stood up to the challenge to prove you wrong.   “Les Amis d’Hypolyte”, a dedicated club for children at Le Bristol Hyppolyte Jammet was the name of the founder of […]

Can JOY last forever?

  Way back when I was 14 years old, I collected miniature perfume bottles. Probably influenced by these I suggested to my parents we called my sister “Joy” when she was born… For some reason, my suggestion didn’t receive parental approval, although Adelaide turned out to be quite joyfull if you ask me. Inspired by this […]