Based on the interview of Jo, store manager of Shang Xia Maison, opened in 2007.

We are thankful to Jo who kindly took the time to answer to all our questions and transmitted to us his passion and commitment to work. Shang Xia is a Chinese high-end lifestyle brand.

“The brand was created thanks to the merger between Maison Hermès and Jiang Qiong Er, CEO / Artistic Director of Shang Xia”. Jiang Qiong Er, studied in Paris at the Art Deco School.  This is how she brings in her brand: tradition and modernity, Chinese and Western ways of life. “It’s always the mix of the two:  The association of Chinese culture and western inspirations”.

“Shang Xia has really unique products, that combines high levels of Chinese craftsmanship and French elegancy”.

“One of the most important value of the brand is the craftsmanship, the way of how products are imagined and hand- made.  There is an important dimension of timelessness as well”.

The general ambiance of the Maison offers a loop-hole out of this fast-growing city. When the clients come to the Maison, they know the brand, most of the time they want to discover the new collections of home furniture and ready-to-wear.

Shang Xia is a very intimist and sober brand, everything is well detailed.  The atmosphere of the store is very peaceful and arty, the staging is outstanding.

Keno Kuma is the one who designed this amazing scenery, combining traditional crafts with modern materials and technology.  Inspired by centuries of tradition, Shang Xia is a pride in Chinese craftsmanship and artisanal production.  Shang Xia shows engagement to quality, respect of Chinese cultural references and aesthetic values.

« You have to treat people like your family guest, when they enter into the Maison, clients need to feel at home.  One aspect of the brand experience includes serving high quality teas at the Maison, allowing clients to enjoy a sense of calm and peace.  Also experience the traditional way of life by a special tea ceremony. Offering tea to our clients is a way to show respect and transmit the Chinese culture ».

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