We met three former students of the MBA Luxury (Class of 2017), Jean-Philippe, Carine and Marianne. During this warm and truthful gathering, we were able to discuss their past year at the EFAP and their future projects, and they also gave us tips and advices for our current year.

The keywords of these moments were “enthusiasm and joy”; they were particularly happy to be reunited and they brought special life and excitement to our interview. We could witness their friendship and obvious complicity thanks to the many laughs, punchlines and memories they shared with us. For two hours – mostly off camera – they told us about their setbacks and successes oscillating between professional advices and personal anecdotes. This reunion relates their time at the EFAP, where they not only learned their jobs and acquired skills, but also created a wonderful and long-lasting friendship.

From their professional advices, among other things, we keep the -personal and needed- investment for all the projects and study cases. Plus, every student should work according to his/her own vision and his/her own desires. This meeting was totally relaxed and informal, and the most precious advices were given off camera. As if they were a generation passing on to the next one, it was with great kindness that they explained to us their vision of the future, their professional projects and how to fully experience our year at the EFAP.

They all agreed to say that we should enjoy, meet new people and stay open-minded to the luxury environment evolving around us: “It is also very important to support each other as friends and as a family, more precisely in time of doubts” told us Carine.

To summarize this privileged gathering in a few words, let us all remember to take one step at a time, to enjoy every single moment of the year and keep in mind that with perseverance and hard work, everything is possible.

Eva-Lan Baffert, Juliette Gazeau-Jallet, Lara Levet, Marie Védrenne


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