Couturier du rêve

One of the most notorious fashion designers of all time opened his first shop at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris, 70 years ago. Few years later, he succeeded in creating and giving a unique and iconic silhouette to women.

Over the past decades, six very privileged and talented artistic directors were able to follow his footsteps and perpetuate the heritage left by the man we called “the Prince of fashion”.


“The Dream maker”

For the Maison’s anniversary, Dior and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs honor this genius fashion designer, as well as his « descendants », Yves Saint-Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons and Maria Grazia Churri. The name of the exhibition, Christian Dior, couturier du rêve, refers to the mythical image of the brand as well as the spectacular decor set up in the museum.

The surprising path, proposed by the two commissioners Florence Müller and Olivier Gabet, takes us through the history and the universe of the Maison, from 1947 to nowadays, with a stunning and moving scenography. This romantic, nearly magical atmosphere of Christian Dior enchants the well-known Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Indeed, as soon as we enter, the revamped entrance gives the visitors the mystical feeling of entering in the famous 30 Avenue Montaigne.

In this exhibition, paintings that Christian Dior liked, mingle with fashion pictures, extracts, reports, and many sketches that inspired his creations are not to be missed. The pleasure to see the iconic and instantly recognizable Gris Montaigne as well as all the emblematic colors of the Maison like red or pink can be seen in a staggering display of colors in a room where shoes, bags and dresses are all organized chromatically. Flowers like the rose, lily of the valley or many fabrics such as silk, lace, taffetas, organza enhance the astonishing scenography making the visit interactive and poetic.

But what truly marveled the visitors were these hundreds of dresses designed by all these artistic directors who contributed to build the international reputation of the Maison Christian Dior and will continue to transmit Dior’s legacy to the generations to come.

Welcome to Wonderland

The visitor travels through time and Christian Dior’s fashion by immersing himself in vestiges of the past and rare pieces of the brand’s archives. While plunged in the dark to admire the famous “Tailleur Bar” of 1947, among other objects belonging to the creator. Mixing antiques with technology, the visitor is invited to “push” virtual buttons on the wall to make details of the couturier’s life appear. Then, he will be dazzled by pure white prototypes of the Maison in a bright room, as if he was entering in the Dior paradise. However, it is upon arriving in the nave of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs that the true magic takes place, with a rich spectacle of light, music and dresses.

Thirty unique and breathtaking pieces of the creator are brought back to life with an amazing play on lights making way for a true firework of emotions: a shower of gold sparkles drizzling on the walls and the priceless Renaissance paintings. A pure delight, all in the name of Christian Dior.

For several months, the exhibition fascinated over 380,000 visitors. The dream continues until January 7th, 2018. So tell your friends, whether they are curious amateurs or fashion enthusiasts.

« Au fond de chaque coeur sommeille un rêve, et le couturier le sait : chaque femme est une princesse. »

Written by Alexandre Pierotin, Camille Dorvidal, Tamara Cavin, Alice Brandicourt, Antoine Erwes and Laura Pianko

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