Let’s talk about Luxury!

The French luxury and the French art-de-vivre are worldwide renowned: fashion, gastronomy, wine & spirits… Our country is a source of inspiration for so many people because luxury is fixed in our culture.

French Luxury is so complex. According to us, we can distinguish two types of luxury, the first one is the traditional luxury that you can see, something you can buy. The second one is more subjective, something you can’t touch but you can feel, something immaterial.

Refinement & delight

Faced with the threat of the industrialization, we can’t talk about luxury without mention craftsmanship.  This precise gesture full of tradition tightly linked with arts because it takes time to create an extraordinary and excellent product that revolves around the brand’s history and know-how. People who work in this sector know how to generate desire around a product or a service.

Moreover, in France, people don’t want only a good quality service or product. Clients want to be moved and live a once-in-a-lifetime experience when they taste the fine bubbles of a Dom Pérignon, the delicacy of a Pierre Hermé pastry or partake in a Michelin-star meal at the George V.

This is the possibility to go beyond the ordinary, to live an unreal experience. Luxury has the ways and means to generate shortage because luxury can’t exist without exclusivity and refinement.

Back to basics

At first sight, Luxury seems to be something inaccessible, a world apart which makes you dream, where only few people have an “entry ticket”. Nevertheless, if we look further, luxury can be in all little things of our everyday life…

In France notably, it’s important for French people to have some special time when you can log off and refocus on your own well-being and the people you care for. Most people find luxury in simplicity. Liberty is a symbol of luxury, to take time to sit down and drink a fragrant cup of coffee, or a glass of wine shared with friends. France embodies perfectly the hedonist pleasure, the luxury of liberty and time.

Of course, this is a subjective notion because people don’t consume luxury in the same way.

The fact is that each of us has his own definition of French Luxury. But one thing is sure, it makes someone dream, somewhere in the world, whether it be our traditional know-how, our sophistication or our freedom.

by Mélanie Monnier, Camille Dorvidal, Tamara Cavin, Coralie Delamaison and Alexandre Pierotin

#efapmbaluxe #decodingluxury

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