Luxury through ages

Luxury through ages

The world changes, so does luxury, more particularly in France. Most luxury brands are losing their own roots according to French people. Now for Millennials, luxury is more about an experience than owning a luxury product.

We all have our perception of luxury. We can expect luxury to be a dream, a desire, a pleasure, an identification, an image, serenity or elegance. However, even if we were born in the country where luxury has emerged, the gap between a premium brand and a luxury one is very slight. To understand what luxury is for French people, we carried out a survey on a sample of 100 people between the age of 15 and 40. When analyzing the results, we noticed that when French people hear luxury, jewelry, fashion and cars are the first three industries that come up. According to the result’s survey, characteristics defining luxury products are the following ones: price, quality and the brand’s history.

Fashion luxury started in France thanks to Charles Frederick Worth, a Parisian designer and his first world exhibition in 1851. He was the forerunner of Haute Couture and fashion shows in Paris. This is how Paris became the fashion capital.

Aristide Boucicaut revolutionized the way of buying with self-service counters, and then Le Bon Marché was created in 1852. The Parisian myth and Les grands magasins followed its apogee. Since then, luxury has had a very important place for French people as part of French culture.

This is how luxury has become more and more present in France. On TV, in magazines, in the streets, on social media…. Luxury is accessible to anyone just like premium brands. This democratization has led to a new kind of luxury perception because of the several luxury brands that are, with time, making new accessible ranges. As premium brands and luxury codes are the same, this creates confusion for French people who have always lived in a world where luxury is all around them.

Millennials are lost in the perception of luxury since according to them, a luxury product must be expensive. This error in perception is as important as that the first luxury brands that come to their minds is Sandro, Maje, or even Guess. It sounds clear that the major French luxury names DNA, such as Chanel or Guerlain are being used by premium brands. Luxury perception of people has been changing through the decades, following the trends and the world’s evolution. Everyone has its own unique perception of luxury. It is obviously going to evolve thanks to a changing lifestyle and communication that will make the luxury of tomorrow.

By Laura TEAI, Manon LEPEU, Charlotte PORTET, Emma-Lou MARCQ

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