French Luxury is Real Luxury

Four customers of different nationalities and passionate about Luxury have given their very own perception of Luxury in France.
Perception of Luxury in France varies very much from one person to another. However, although opinions differ on various aspects, everyone does agree on one point: that French Luxury is real Luxury. This perception includes several characteristics. The first one that was often mentioned is the importance and the richness of its know-how. French Luxury is known to have this great ability to transmit its knowledge and proficiency from one talent to another, which allows to perpetuate high quality, but also passion and care through its products. This characteristic is still highly appreciated and valued today, even more since everything is now produced by machines. Then, people also matched this characteristic with high-quality. Indeed, people perceive French luxury products as having the best materials, textures and as being perfect to the very little details. Another important attribute mentioned was the exclusivity: the fact that French luxury products are usually produced in small quantities and that they are not accessible by everyone. This image of exclusivity definitely contributes to build all the prestige around Luxury in France. To go further, it was also mentioned that French Luxury is real Luxury thanks to its enormous heritage. Each brand has its very own strong history which makes it so special and respectable. Last but not least, Luxury in France is perceived as providing innovative designs which are very minimalist, simple, but elegant and chic; definitely not extravagant nor show-off.

However, Luxury in France is also about experiences and not only about experiences in stores. Paris itself, in the eyes of foreigners, is an exceptional experience to them, where they can appreciate the beauty of the streets, the little boutiques and the monuments, making them dream and dive into the world of French Luxury. To go even further, Luxury in France is also a whole culture, full of codes and intangible aspects, that are difficult to grasp for foreigners. This probably emphasizes the mystical aspect of French Luxury, which provides the “Made-in-France” with high psychological influence on the purchase decision of customers. However French luxury is not only about prestige but also about emotions, the main one being pleasure. Today, even though French Luxury may not be different from other countries in terms of products and quality, its intangible assets are undeniably the strength which sustains its recognition worldwide

By Dewi de Noray, Carole Guirguis, Fiona Guias & Christopher Loizance

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