From exclusivity to democratization

French Luxury gathers different sectors: jewelry,  high fashion, cosmetics, hospitality, boats and restaurants. These are being recognized by the French know-how with our 165 000 artisans and our exceptional products. The historical French expertise and the origin of the products represents THE « Made in France ». French brands want to preserve the skills, highlighting the craftsmanship and their traditional manufacturing techniques. The French Luxury is an essential reference in high-end products that are recognized throughout the world: it combines excellence and elegance. This is why every artisan is rewarded: a good Chef can have a Michelin Star, a designer can be highlighted for his/her creations… It is always about the French Culture. Furthermore, French Luxury means creation and nothing can be created without a Creative Director; Coco Chanel, Pierre Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Olivier Rousteing, John Galliano… Are considered as Gods in high fashion and amaze us with more and more imagination and incredible fashion shows. It is allowing clients to dream and escape into a wonderful private world. But… Luxury brands have changed significantly over the years… Initially luxury was reserved to an elite, seeking of exclusivity and privacy. This notion has changed due to the democratization of luxury and a strong demand. It is not an “intimate world” anymore. Consumers of luxury are multiplying with the emergence of a new generation that asserts itself: the 18-30 years called the Y generation happens to be the biggest consumers of luxury.

Furthermore, celebrities / influencers represent a huge part of a luxury brand’s image. Today, thanks to the social networks, it is easier to associate a famous personality to a brand. They are Instagraming / Snapping / Tweeting everything about their lives and the way they shop. The more they have luxury items the more they feel accomplished and the more they will talk about it. Brands are using celebrities for branding. It is all about being in the spotlight and show off. The brand’s reputation is reflected by personalities who do not really believe in traditional codes. However, it could be controversial since people do not necessarily want to associate Nabilla to Jean Paul Gaultier’s creations for example. From now on, brands are moving away from the original codes that built them and made them create their circle of most loyal customers. Since several years, we live in an era of digitalisation, which became the ultimate challenge. This is why the luxury services are developing this aspect and are now connected. Moreover, this has been amplified by the use of ambassadors, supermodels, actors… To develop the branding on social networks. The French Luxury is reinventing itself. The idea being to stand out, a luxury brand makes every effort to prove its difference. Today French luxury is unexpected and is allowed to combine the language of art and eccentricity to seduce the youngest…



By Audrey Balbiani, Valentine Hobé, Anouck Laplagne, and Anastasia Nioré

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