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You may not have heard about Pinel & Pinel so much. However, the brand is quite recent but already famous in the Luxury sphere. Unfortunately, the boutique was not available to visit. I would have been thrilled to explain you my « shopping » experience but let’s discover or rediscover the brand anyway.

A contemporary history.

French and hand-made, Pinel & Pinel is all about creating, making and selling luxury trunks. It has been created in 1998 by Fred Pinel, a French publicist. He has opened a boutique in Rue Royale in 2002. A luxury range of trunks has been created this year in order to « compete » with Hermès.

Inspirational trunks.

Pinel & Pinel trunks have been inspired by 1930’s with some modernity touch. They are very luxurious as well as multifunctional. They all are made by leather and possible to customize. Some templates are also available such as « Soprano » or « Pic Nic ».

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Those trunks are made to contain electronic devices, food, beverage, … or anything you want.

Even if this brand is quite new, it has already some successful partnerships with Louboutin, Piaget, Vacheront Constantin or Krug..

Did you know that the first trunk was sold to Michael Jordan, himself ? Now, you do!

 Magnificent communication..

In 2014, the Maison has decided to embody its products. How can we trust a trunk maker if he doesn’t travel?!

That’s why an ephemeral boutique has been created in the French Riviera (again, luxury codes…) in the Carlton InterContinental Hotel located in la Croisette from July to September with 180m2 to celebrate all kinds of trucks imagined by Fred Pinel.

Fred Pinel has made fashionable using trunks not only to travel but also to decorate.

Trunks are trendy, trunks are pretty, trunks are Frenchy…

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